What is a Video Game?

The first step of our voyage is to first break down what a video game is.  Basically, what a video game is, is simply a game displayed using video technology. The very first video game was nothing more than “Tic Tac Toe” on a computer.

So, the only difference between normal “Tic Tac Toe” and a video game version is the medium on which it’s presented. On a piece of paper, it’s normal, but on a computer screen, it becomes a video game. Video games are thus composed of two major elements, the video and the game aspects. To be a video game then, it has to simply be a game presented through video technology.

We really don’t need to study video technology in regards to studying video games, though the technical aspects of video technology is important, We should probably stick to studying “games”.

So, we can learn from all kinds of games, find out what makes them great to determine what makes a good video game. We can look at board games, backyard games like tag, card games, sports, pen and paper games and more.

I think the next step of our voyage should be to determine what comprises a “game”. For if we don’t know the basics of what a game is, how can we develop video games?

The Voyage Begins

Greetings fellow explorers! Come, join me as I set sail.

I’m Erik the Red, and we’re going on a voyage. A video game voyage. I hope you’re up to it. I could use another set of hands on deck! Together we’ll discover the secrets of the video game. What makes them good, what makes them bad, and what can make them better!

I’m setting sail because I want to become a video game designer. I hope to learn from my travels and record my findings, and hopefully, I’ll unravel the mystery of game design. Come with me as we create history!

And feel free to discuss your reasons for setting out!

Thus the expedition for video game Valhalla begins!

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